38 Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love Infographic

38 Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love Infographic

38 Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love Infographic

Team building is a challenge for any leader. It’s tough coming up with creative, engaging ideas that your team will actually enjoy. Here are 38 employee engagement ideas your team will love.

1. Organize Team-Building Activities

Organizing team-building activities is a simple way to help employees build bonds and they don’t have t cost anything. Some of them will cost you some money, but it’s more about spending time together to get to know one another.

2. Tell Employees Not To Be Shy

It’s important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable being themselves and expressing whatever is on their mind. The key to a successful company culture is to remove fear from employees.

3. Offer Coaching

Employees are eager to learn and get better. It’s an intrinsic motivator for them. As a leader, you could offer coaching to your team in the form of one-on-one or group sessions. Coach them to greatness and you’ll see a team that collaborates well, performs well, and consistently hits their goals.

4. Encourage More Group Collaboration

It’s important that your team works well together and can collaborate well on projects without any issues arising. Team-building activities are great, and collaboration on projects between team members is another great way to build those connections. Plus, it gives employees the responsibility and autonomy that they need.

5. Give Frequent Praise

When you recognize them for something, they’re much more likely to try and seek our approval again. It’s in your best interest to praise them frequently, because you’ll get more productivity out of them.

6. Preach Your Core Values

Employees need to live and breathe the core values of your organization if you want that deep level of commitment from them. As a leader, you need to be preaching your core values over and over.

7. Celebrate Failure

As a leader, you need to make employees feel comfortable with failure, you need to make sure that they look at it as a learning experience, and not something that will affect their performance review.

8. Offer Courses For Learning

A great way to keep employees engaged and at the top of their game is to offer chances for them to learn new things. It’s important to be continuously improving, and taking courses is a great way to do that. It also is a great way to bring the team together if everyone is sharing new courses they’re taking and holding each other accountable.

9. Encourage Personal Development

In the war for talent, you need the best to win. One way to bring your talent to the next level is to encourage personal development. You can even set aside a small budget to help them attend conferences or take classes online. And if the expense is too much, then there are enough free resources online (edX, Coursera, etc.) that you should be able to help your team.

10. Create A Great Work Environment

Part of being productive at work is being in an environment that allows you to focus and be creative. To focus, you need a quiet work environment and not too many distractions. It’s also nice to have the office decor make you feel like you can be calm and creative.

11. Give Frequent Feedback

Employees need feedback in real-time. Giving feedback is ultimately about changing behaviour, and the closer you can give feedback to the behaviour you want changed, the more likely it is to change. If you wait a month or two to give feedback on something that happened long ago, it won’t have the same effect.

12. Involve Everyone In Decisions

If you want employees to connect with your organization and have the same level of passion for it as you do, then they need to feel like owners. They need to feel like their decisions matter and their opinions count.

13. Keep Testing New Initiatives

Everyone on the team should have a testing mindset. Employees should be always thinking of how to run a small, simple test before going full fledge on any idea. If you can encourage a culture of experimentation, tracking, and metrics, you’ll have a team that is much more intelligent and strategic with what they do.

14. Practice Radical Transparency

Everyone needs to be on the same page, and there’s no reason why you should be hiding anything from your team. Even if it’s bad news, employees will respect that you’re being open and honest with them.

15. Have Monthly One-On-Ones

One-on-ones are usually hour-long meetings once a month to connect with employees and find out how things are going for them at work. It’s not a status update, it’s really just an informal chat to see if there’s anything on an employee’s mind. But it’s private, so that’s where you’ll get the best information on what they like, what they don’t like, and what you could be doing to help them grow into better employees.

16. Offer Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness and meditation is arguably the best thing you can do for your overall health and happiness. Stress in the workplace is usually pretty high, and so anything you can do to lower that stress for your team is highly appreciated.

17. Let Employees Have Autonomy

As a leader, you need to trust your employees enough to give them the autonomy they deserve. You can even let them pick which projects they work on. They need to feel that sense of ownership to feel engaged and excited about coming to work each day.

18. Give Employees Gym Passes

Remember, healthy employees have more energy. More energy means more productivity. Yes, paying for everyone’s gym membership might seem like a bit of an expense, but the ROI you’ll get in terms of productivity will outweigh the costs.

19. Collect Frequent Feedback

Similarly to giving feedback, you should be collecting feedback from your employees frequently. Just the fact that you’re willing to listen to them and collect ideas from them shows a great deal of respect to them.

20. Support Local Charities

Another great idea for engagement is to give back to the community. There are likely charities in your community that you and your team could do volunteer at. Otherwise, a great idea is to collect money to donate from everyone on the team and choose a charity that you like.

21. Offer Healthy Food

Offering a gym membership is nice, but the real problem with wellness and energy levels often stems from the food we eat. As an employer, a nice idea is to offer healthy options to your employees to make it easier for them.

22. Organize An Event

Besides being very fun, this is a great way to help employees network and get them engaged in the process of building up your employer brand. It could be a nice way to meet other local business that are similar to yours and create opportunities for collaboration.

23. Establish Clear Goals

Setting clear goals will remove a lot of confusion. Also, it will help make sure that everyone is working towards the same thing and is on the same page.

24. Enforce A Good Work-Life Balance

Encourage your team to spend time with friends and family, and don’t set unrealistic expectations so that employees feel comfortable taking time off. It’s all about creating a culture where people can speak freely, so they could bring up concerns about work-life balance if they need to.

25. Make Senior Leadership Visible

Senior leaders need to be seen as open, willing to answer questions, not hiding anything, etc. A simple idea for this is to do monthly or bi-weekly Q&As where employees can submit questions and you’ll answer them live.

26. Help Employees Save For The Future

Many employees don’t even know where to begin when it comes to saving for their future. That’s a great opportunity for you to help them understand and plan.

27. Have Fun!

Life is too short not to enjoy, and you spend so much time with your coworkers that it shouldn’t be all serious and uptight. Have fun, joke around, and make sure everyone knows that’s okay.

28. Hire For Culture Fit

You need to hire incredible people that fit with the values of your company and that will fit in with the rest of your team. The biggest thing that A-players want is to work with other A-players. Take your time to really hire the best person and make sure to test their culture fit.

29. Survey Employees Frequently

As a leader, you should always be looking to improve your organization for your current employees and to attract the best talent. One great way to do this is to survey employees frequently to see what’s on their mind and address any concerns they might have.

30. Share Content With Your Team

You should be trying to share as much as you possibly can with your team. If you see a webinar that looks interesting, a blog post that might help someone on the team, or a new tool to make their lives easier, you need to share it with them.

31. Act On The Feedback You Collect

If an employee gives you feedback, you should be grateful that they took the time to give it to you. If you implement a suggestion that an employe gives you, it will make them happier and also feel like their opinion actually counts. They’ll feel respected, and in turn, they’ll show you respect by working extra hard.

32. Remind Employees About Benefits

It’s important that you remind employees about the different options they have and are there to answer any questions they might have. Anything you can do to make their lives better and easier will lead to higher engagement.

33. Use Collaborative Tools

One of the biggest processes that still has issues in many organizations is the way the team collaborates. Things like meetings, email threads, and brainstorming is still being done in a very old-school way. Use the tools that exist to help improve these processes.

34. Encourage Networking

There are always a ton of events that you can send employees to (mostly free) where they can network with others. It’s a good idea to encourage employees to go to these events to network, spread the word, and just see what’s out there.

35. Send Employees To Conferences

Sending employees to conferences is a great way to get everyone to learn, experience, and grow. There’s so much that they can learn and so many cool people that they can meet.

36. Be Flexible With Schedules

More and more research is coming out that the smartest way to work is around your energy levels, instead of on an arbitrary schedule like 9-5. The key is you want to show employees the respect they deserve.

37. Organize A Potluck Lunch

A really nice team-building idea is to organize a potluck lunch or dinner, where everyone can come and bring something they’ve made for everyone else to enjoy.

28. Work Hard On Your Onboarding Process

The onboarding process if your chance to make it or break it with an employee. One idea that some forward-thinking companies are starting to implement is to have the newest employee improve the onboarding process for the next employee. This allows you to be continuously improving the process and optimize it based on real, recent feedback.


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