3 Must-Have Features in a Modern LMS Infographic

3 Must-Have Features in a Modern LMS Infographic

3 Must-Have Features in a Modern LMS Infographic

Our expectations of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are evolving as new technology continues to influence the feature sets. At one point the LMS was a static piece of software quietly humming along in the background as we read documents and viewed recorded PowerPoint presentations. Today, it has more direct interaction with the user, and in some cases can help to bolster learning. The 3 Must-Have Features in a Modern LMS Infographic explores three features that every modern LMS should include, and one platform that delivers upon them all!

GamificationGaming elements encourage user engagement with the course content. Typical gaming elements include awarding badges and points for completing activities in a course or lesson.

Theming: The modern LMS recognizes the importance of consistent visuals in an organization, and as such can be modified easily in a way that doesn't negatively impact user-experience.

Third Party Integrations: Contemporary systems make it easy to connect to other popular applications like Google Docs, Evernote, Mozilla OpenBadges, social media platforms, and more.

WordPress as an LMS: WordPress makes it simple to add Gamification, Theming, and 3rd Party Integrations to your LMS.


  • Tens of thousands of free & premium templates available to customize the look & feel of your online courses.
  • Make your courses free or sell your courses for a one-time payment or on a recurring schedule.
  • Choose from thousands of WordPress plugins to add features such as forums, badges, user profiles, and so much more!

For more information: 3 Must-Have Features in a Modern LMS

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