Stepping into a 21st Century Classroom Infographic

The Stepping into a 21st Century Classroom Infographic looks at 7 key points which indicate that the 21st century classroom has given a new dimension to education involving students to use various applications, Web 2.0 and other technological tools. The modern educational system emphasizes more on technology and practicality to prepare their students as perfect future employees so that they don’t fall short in any circumstances at their workplace.

The utilization of different technologies like implementing real world specimen to cultivate students with practical knowledge, introducing online courses, incorporating online games in classrooms, exploring analytics to help teachers to predict student’s intent, augmenting open source textbooks, integrating use of social networks, etc. has a great impact on a student’s academic as well as professional life.

As technology continues to evolve, the education sector must cope with it. Teachers must continue to learn and adapt to the changes, to create a curriculum fit for the next generation. Students must be ready to survive, thrive, and innovate in a global classroom without walls. Here you can find useful tips on How To Build a Student and Tech-Centric Classroom.

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