2015 Back-to-School eCommerce Stats Infographic

2015 Back-to-School eCommerce Stats Infographic

2015 Back-to-School eCommerce Stats Infographic

All marketers will always try to find out more and more about their consumer behavior, so they can deliver the best product, at the best price, in the best moment in order to increase their sales. Speaking about the best moment, marketers already know when their business performs better – if you sell ice cream, summer is the best season for you, if you sale winter clothes, then winter is your favorite one.

The retail industry has its great seasons and it seems that Back-to-school it’s one of them. Actually, this is the second largest time of year for retail sales. The 2015 Back to school eCommerce Stats features an array of information on how the back to school phenomenon affects the online retail industry.

Some information discussed in the infographic:

  • Total 2014 sales and projected 2015 sales.
  • Amount spent in core product categories.
  • Primary purchase influencers on back to school purchases.
  • The impact of mobile on back to school shopping.
  • How a tax free day or holiday would impact back to school shopping.
  • The amount of influence children have in back to school purchases.
  • The difference between back to school shopping and back to college shopping.
  • Miscellaneous stats including top search queries and the impact of social media on back to school shopping.

Students buy a lot of things! Here are some statistics from 2014, according to Nextopia:

  • 96 % buy school supplies;
  • 91% buy clothing;
  • 82% buy shoes;
  • 66% buy backpack or book bags;
  • 9% buy computer software or small accessories.

It looks like some industries have a lot of benefits in this period! Yes, Back-to-school it’s a big opportunity, but you do need to review you strategy – think about what people love about your products and why would they buy them right now. People love this period but they are not willing to open up their wallets just like that. Some statistics show that discounts can be a great influence for your shoppers. You should try a retargeting strategy if you want to give them an incentive to make a decision.

Via: http://www.pfsweb.com/blog/2015-back-to-school-infographic-digital-retail-and-ecommerce/
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