15 Time Management Tips For Online Instruction Infographic

Managing your time during an online class is much different than a face-2-face class. During a face-2-face class you have a set number of hours per week in the classroom. You have your typical class prep. You have scheduled office hours that may or may not be visited by students.

Unfortunately, online instruction can easily be added to the habitual tasks of our daily routines - answering emails and all that other work that keeps us bound to our computers. The workday can mix with real life. Before long, you are checking up on the progress of online discussions and answering emails before bed. Before long, your online class can turns you into a workaholic. Here are 5 tips to manage your time during online instruction. Even when using these tips, you might receive push back from students. While planning your course, try to anticipate the needs of students in your discipline.  Here are 5 tips for online students to manage their time during online instruction.

15 Top Online Time Management Disasters by OnlineClock.net

  1. Our first headline is over the recent Facebook craze all the kids are into today. Poking strangers is all the rage.
  2. Addiction to Amazon is an all time high with the all the latest videos flooding the marketing.
  3. And yes folks, Ebay is still here and this announcer is still being outbid.
  4. In the Twitter sphere, we've recently uncovered that all of my followers have, in fact, unfollowed me.
  5. Digital jewel collecting has become somewhat of a treasured pastime. On the downside, it's completely useless.
  6. An endless war has been waging for a long time now between pre-teens and middle-aged individuals. Peace treaties look unlikely.
  7. Google news has recently been deemed as useful and completely limitless.
  8. Movie theaters and restaurants are in trouble as more and more people prefer Skype dating to reality.
  9. Email has effectively replaced normal mailboxes. Because of this, it's normal to check your mail 20 times daily.
  10. In later news, we'll be covering sites like Tumblr who thrive on misspelling their site name.
  11. Reddit has denied support for any puns made about its name. Sources say, however, that Reddit is highly addictive.
  12. In other news, Dating Websites have effectively ruined this announcers dating life.
  13. Two words: Browser... Games. Oh, this announcer loves to play that game with the Plants and the Zombies...and those Angry Birds.
  14. Exclusive sources tell us that no one knows what the plus in Google Plus is for. It is, however, very hip to have one.
  15. Moving on: YouTube. Need I say more?
Via: http://blog.onlineclock.net/time-management-disasters/
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