12 eLearning Design Tips Inspired by Disney Princesses Infographic

12 eLearning Design Tips Inspired by Disney Princesses Infographic

12 eLearning Design Tips Inspired by Disney Princesses Infographic

Inspired by the e-book, Disney Princesses Reimagined as e-Learning Disasters, this infographic provides 12 actionable eLearning design tips to apply to your interactions. For a little fun, these tips are inspired by the problems and risks that instructional designers face through the lens of Disney Princesses.

Belle, the Page Turner

Design Tip: Try to immerse your learner in real-world application of new ideas.

Cinderella, Cursed to Tedious Activities

Design Tip: Design learner-centric challenges that address individual needs and communicate relevance.

Ariel, Drowned in a Sea of Meaningless Frills

Design Tip: Use media carefully and with a specific instructional purpose in mind.

Princess Aurora, Driven to Sleep From Boredom

Design Tip: Visual context and storytelling techniques that include characters, conflict, suspense, and resolution are critical approaches for the e-learning designer.

Snow White, Distracted by Too Many Little Details

Design Tip: Consider breaking content into multiple modules so that learners are not distracted by related but less important content elements.

Jasmine, Overwhelmed by an Overabundance of Elaboration

Design Tip: Resist the temptation to over-design the learner experience.

Pocahontas, Obscured by a Misconstrued Message

Design Tip: Stay true to your instructional analysis. Don’t accept inaccurate assumptions about what has been done before or preset expectations. Include current learners and actual performance challenges in your analysis and design to meet real-world challenges.

Tiana, Left in a Worse Place Than She Started

Design Tip: Make sure your e-learning is always helpful to the learner.

Mulan, Having Her Unique Perspective Ignored

Design Tip: Empower your learners to act authentically. Too often, e-learning interactions encourage learners to “play the game” to get through. Instead, use individual differences as the means to develop engagement in the scenarios and choices your design provides.

Merida, A Victim of Misaligned Objectives

Design Tip: Always design with your learner’s needs and objectives in mind.

Elsa, Misapplying Her Talents

Design Tip: Decide which outcomes are important, then use your authoring tool and available technology to achieve those ends.

Rapunzel, Accumulating Gifts With No Value

Design Tip: Drive your decisions regarding data and tracking by what is truly useful and essential to valued outcomes.

For more details on these eLearning design tips and insight on some problems and risks that instructional designers face and have become blind to, download the e-book, Disney Princesses Reimagined as e-Learning Disasters.

Via: http://learn.alleninteractions.com/disney-princesses-reimagined-as-elearning-disasters
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