10 Ways eLearning Maximizes ROI Infographic

10 Ways eLearning Maximizes ROI Infographic

10 Ways eLearning Maximizes ROI Infographic

There was a time when training was seen as a necessary evil. Necessary because no organization can function without it, and evil because it was a huge expenditure – of time, money and other resources. Employees had to skip work in order to receive training and that meant days of lost revenue for the organization. Training is now an investment. Because knowledge and expertise is now an asset for the organization. The top 20 per cent of the workforce generates 80 per cent of the business, and the only way to reap the benefits of this top 20 per cent is by creating a vibrant learning culture. The 10 Ways eLearning Maximizes ROI Infographic presents how eLearning can increase the return on investment.

10 Ways eLearning Maximizes ROI

1. Saves Time

Technology based training saves up to 45% time than classroom based training because it’s asynchronous & self-paced

2. Saves Money

Eliminates the need to physically travel to point of training

3. Minimizes time away from the job

When employees cover a course on their laptop or PC, they save those many hours of being away from the job.Interesting courses encourage learning to happen even beyond office hours

4. Highly Cost-effective

It is one of the most effective, fast & economical methods to impart training today, considering the number of employees it can serve

5. Highly Flexible

Can be delivered irrespective of geographical locations & in multiple languages. Gives more control to learners

6. Maintains Consistency

Same quality of content for all employees as it is free from the influences of the personal characteristics of the trainer

7. Delivers Personalized learning

Analytics & educational data mining tools can tailor & enhance learning to make it more relevant for each employee

8. Greater Information Retention

Can achieve far greater engagement by integrating interactive elements like quizzes, situational analyses& scenarios

9. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Just-in-time support improves on-the-job performance enabling employees to service customers better

10. Lower Employee Turnover

Greater employee satisfaction & loyalty results in lower costs on hiring & training new staff

Via: http://blog.originlearning.com/10-ways-elearning-maximizes-roi/
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