10 Stages Of Mastery Infographic

10 Stages Of Mastery Infographic

How do you become a master in your field when you're starting from scratch and you're not even talented or lucky? Here's your complete blueprint to achieve mastery and stand out from the rest.

Stage 1: Admiring the good and getting inspired
You feel a sense of awe when you see great works in your field.

Stage 2: Doing the work and hating your work
You try it out, only to find out how awful your work is.

Stage 3: Understanding the good
You start differentiating between the good and the average.

Stage 4: Doing more work and not being satisfied
With your new understanding, you give it more tries, but still, you aren’t satisfied.

Stage 5: Identifying the micros in the good
You start noticing the minor details in the great work.

Stage 6: Doing more work and improving
You keep at it and notice an improvement, which makes you proud.

Stage 7: Analyzing the good and the bad in depth
You can easily identify and explain the difference between the good and the bad.

Stage 8: Doing more work and testing things out
You do more work and start experimenting.

Stage 9: Adding your own creativity
You come up with your own thoughts and ideas, which makes people notice your work.

Stage 10: Creating masterpieces
You keep putting in more work and create masterpieces in the process.

After that, it’s just a matter of repetition and continuous improvement to increase the rate of creating masterpieces.

Via: https://designepiclife.com/creating-masterpieces/
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