10 Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning Infographic

10 Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning Infographic

Instructional designers of eLearning face a constant challenge of how to create learning experiences that actually make a difference. Too many of the accepted and easy approaches result in eLearning courses that fail to motivate, engage, or empower learners. Sophisticated simulations and technically-sophisticated designs seem out of reach for many instructional designers.

While much can be accomplished in sophisticated development environments, rarely is it the technology that is actually responsible for the impact. Rather, it’s the powerful design ideas that are grounded on some relatively practical and achievable principles.

Follow these 10 Practical (and Powerful) Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning:

1. Don't list formal learning objectives.

Communicate the anticipated outcome as concisely, clearly, and personally as you can.

2. Let the learner take control.

Maintain clear standards for mastery and completion, but put the
learner in control of as many decisions as possible.

3. Design the end of your lesson first.

Focus your initial design energy on interactivity.

4. Talk less, do more.

Engage learners immediately in action; let each learner navigate content as they choose to.

5. Create real-life activities.

Design challenges rooted in the real world that have concrete and meaningful outcomes.

6. Enable specific gestures.

Avoid reliance on arbitrary question-answering gestures; design specific, context-defined responses.

7. Avoid judging and scoring every iteration.

Encourage trial and exploration in interactions.

8. Use context to create meaning.

Use all of the design elements at your disposal to attach rich contextual significance to unfamiliar aspects of your message.

9. Don't be adversarial.

Listen to the “voice” of your e-learning. Write to convey a culture of support, assistance, and collaboration instead of judgment and opposition.

10. Hold the learner accountable for learning.

Embed real-life, significant consequences in your feedback actions and messages and in each interaction’s judging logic.

Find and download the full free eBook, 10 Powerful Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning, here.

Via: http://learn.alleninteractions.com/10-practical-principles-for-creating-impactful-elearning
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