10 eLearning Commandments Infographic

In order to lay some ground rules for creating successful eLearning programs, The Ten eLearning Commandments Infographic puts together 10 commandments for eLearning professionals to follow. Similar to having a mission statement or defined company goals, every eLearning development should rely on these ten pillars of success:

  1. Start with good beginnings
  2. Love the learner as yourself
  3. Respect your audience
  4. Keep it conversational
  5. Avoid eye candy
  6. Show, not tell
  7. Do not abuse interactivity
  8. Use small learning units
  9. Do not steal control from the learner
  10. Focus on activity, not screens
Via: http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/bid/297719/The-Ten-eLearning-Commandments-Infographic
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