What Does It Take to Develop Effective e-Learning Infographic

Developing effective eLearning requires expertise in Project Management, Computer-based Instructional Design, Multimedia Design, Educational Technology and Quality Assurance. Therefore, developing effective eLearning often requires a team approach which leverages the unique skills of each contributor. A team approach also ensures an efficient eLearning development process as each contributor can focus on their core competency rather than having to muddle through elements that they are not experts in. The What Does It Take to Dvelop Effective eLearning Infographic highlights the five key skill sets required to develop effective elearning as well as the primary contributions of each team member.

Additionally, you might be interested in exploring the 3 Stage e-Learning Maturity Model (Support, Collaborate, Innovate) for an eLearning development team in an organization as well as the 5 Practices Every eLearning Team Needs to Master in order to deliver solutions in a cost-effective and consistent manner.

Via: http://leanforward.com/wp-content/uploads/E-learning-infographic-V6.jpg
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