Using Prizes to Boost Learning Infographic

Using Prizes to Boost Learning Infographic

Using Prizes to Boost Learning Infographic

The Using Prizes to Boost Learning Infographic highlights the potential of boosting learning through incentives such as prizes and presents four different types of prizes as well as their benefits.

Types of Prizes to Boost Learning

  1. Design Prizes
    Small prizes could be used to incentivize innovative designs for new schools, new school facilities or new systems of education
  2. Intervention Challenges
    Intervention challenges would allow products, services and strategies to be tested in comparable short cycle trials.
  3. Data Competitions
    Data competitions could engage data scientists globally to work on well-defined problems. A warehouse of data on each student could unleash the power of predictive analytics to empower teachers to personalize learning in new and powerful ways. Prizes will accelerate innovation in analytics
  4. Geo-competitions
    Geo-competitions would invite districts, cities or regions to compete on specific challenges over a specific period of time. Regional challenges may be useful when there are multiple pathways to better outcomes and broad mobilization is likely to be key

Benefits of prizes to Boost Learning

  • Prizes can be used to tackle complex challenges
  • Prizes attract talent pool and a rich set of competing innovators
  • Funders pay only for the output, not the inputs with hope of a breakthrough
  • Funding awarded only when certain criteria are met

Last but not least, I highly encourage you to download the "Using Prizes and Pull Mechanisms to Boost Learning" report by Digital Learning Now.

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