Top 5 Low-Stakes Quizzing Tools For Teachers Infographic

Top 5 Low-Stakes Quizzing Tools For Teachers Infographic

Top 5 Low-Stakes Quizzing Tools For Teachers Infographic

Rather than describe absolutely everything, this infographic focuses on Top 5 Low-Stakes Quizzing Tools For Teachers.

1. Quizlet Live

A simple to use tool, Quizlet Live is well worth checking out. Try the challenge working in a team and getting all of your questions correct before you can complete the quiz. Terms learned in the quizzes can also be used as flashcards with your pupils too. It’s well worth a look!

2. Kahoot

Kahoot is well deserving of a place in these 5 tools. Simple to use, set up, administer and share, it’s popular among pupils and teachers alike and for good reason. Check it out!

3. Quizizz

With the recent updates to how Quizizz links to Google Classroom now, it is well worth a look. It’s really helpful as a formative assessment tool in the classroom and has pupil apps for both iOS and Android (coming next week).

4. Plickers

For every classroom with or without technology access for students, Plickers is a great tool. Print the cards. Stick them in books. It really is easy to get started and once your class is ready you can formatively test easily whenever you want.

5. Nearpod

Nearpod definitely requires pupils to have access to their own devices and if you want some of the extended features then you’ll have to pay for your account. Basic features though should give you a great opportunity to share not only learning content with your pupils but test them on their knowledge too. It’s definitely one to check out.

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