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Top 5 Corporate Learning Trends for 2016 Infographic

Top 5 Corporate Learning Trends for 2016 Infographic

1. Mobile Learning

  • 99% of mobile learners believe the mobile format enhanced their learning.
  • 80% of all employees use their smartphones at work.
  • There are more mobile devices than people on earth.

2. Video-based Learning

  • 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on a weekly basis.
  • Nearly all millennial employees under 25 expect to find a virtual learning platform within their employer’s work environment.

3. Microlearning

  • The adult attention span (8 sec.) is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (9 sec.)
  • 98% of mobile workers regularly multi-task.

4. Game-based learning

  • 61% of surveyed senior executives take daily game breaks at work. Over half say they do so to “feel more productive”.
  • Nearly 80% of learners claim they would be more productive if their work was more game-like.

5. Informal Learning

  • 80% of all corporate learning takes place via on-the-job interactions with peers, experts and managers.
  • 67% of mobile workers user social media for work or professional purposes.

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