Top 4 LMS Benefits Infographic

Top 4 LMS Benefits Infographic

Top 4 LMS Benefits Infographic

What is a LMS and how does it benefit your business? The Top 4 LMS Benefits Infographic shows you what an LMS is and illustrates the top 4 benefits of online learning.

eLearning Revolutionized Business

As organizations of all types aggressively move toward online education, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are becoming the backbone of instructional delivery for a variety of learners.

What exactly is an LMS?

A software application or web-based technology platform used to deliver and track elearning courses or online training programs.

Top 4 Online Learning Benefits

  1. Cost Savings
    Eliminated the hassle and expenses of coordinating schedules for in-person training by uploading content for users to access at any time an anywhere. Corporations save 50-70% when replacing instructor-based training with elearning.
  2. Consistent Knowledge
    Organizations share the same materials and evaluate learning by uniform standards.
  3. Flexibility
    Learners decide their own pace for consuming new information.
  4. Improved Insights
    Learners with a required learning path can track their progress and see where they need to improve.

The results of the four benefits is shown in popularity of elearning; in 2011 80% of employees used this technology. The number of US corporations using online learning has increased 77% since 1995.

Most companies using an LMS to deliver:

  • Product Training and Personal/Professional Development
  • Technical
  • Compliance
  • Leadership Development/Performance Management
  • Sales
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