The Value of Actively Engaged Employees Infographic

Imagine a rowing team with two out of eight members rowing their hearts out, three distracted by the scenery, one rowing backwards & two actually trying to drown the boat. Can you predict the result?
Comparing this scenario with today’s business reflects that employee engagement plays an important role in the growth of any organization.

What causes Loss of Productivity?

Lack of Engagement! It is simply the difference between the efforts your employees invest and their actual capabilities. A large number of actively disengaged employees is one of the biggest reasons of low productivity across all the business verticals. These disengaged employees not only have lower contribution to overall organization performance but they also adversely affect performance of other employees.

How to Improve Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is self motivated, she feels a sense of belonging & believes that she has made a great choice by opting to work with the organization. Interactive training sessions can help in creating & fostering these beliefs within the workforce. Although it is obvious that improving Employee Engagement will result in better performance & organizational efficiency, there are a number of factors that might affect an organization’s ability to achieve it in reality. Traditional training methods are costly, time consuming & generally result in low employee participation due to fear of failure or of saying wrong things in front of large groups.

Utilizing E-Learning to Improve Employee Engagement

E-learning enables organizations to deploy cost effective interactive employee training solution in a timely manner. Self paced, online learning makes it easier for employees to learn at their own speed in privacy & convenience of their own cubicles, homes or even cars. Now imagine the same team with all the members rowing forwards fully utilizing their newly acquired rowing skills. Can you predict the result?

Are you or your organization “actively engaged” in improving employee engagement? Is e-learning in your plan to build an actively engaged workforce? If yes, give us a shout at & we will provide you with best in class e-learning solution to improve employee engagement & productivity.

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