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Technology and the Transformation of Education Infographic

Technology and the Transformation of Education Infographic

When you consider how the Internet has changed society in the last couple decades, you might first think of email, Facebook, or even Netflix. But what about education?

New technology in classrooms and elsewhere is blurring the boundaries of digital and physical. Technology has become integral to the way people learn.

The Online Learning Consortium put together the Technology and the Transformation of Education Infographic describing the many ways technology and online learning are changing the face of education as we know it. Check out a preview of their data below, and view the full infographic here.

Over the past two decades the Internet has made it possible for anyone anywhere to pursue an affordable degree; for adults to continue their education in efforts to remain productive; and for universities to reach a greater number of people who want to learn. Infusing online learning into higher education provides educators with innovative ways to connect with students, wherever they are, and offers incredible, new career opportunities.

  • ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: Learn keyboard skills over cursive handwriting.
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: 99% will soon get broadband access, regardless of income.
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: Only 14% attend full time & live on campus. 35% switch colleges, 24% attend 3 or more. 42% will be 25 or older.
  • ADVISORS & MENTORS: will digitally track and assess performance. INSTRUCTIONAL
  • TECHNOLOGISTS: will pilot blended and flipped classes.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS: will build and teach digital curricula and oversee MOOCs that thousands of students could enroll in.
  • By 2020 over 60% of jobs will require postsecondary education and many workers will keep learning throughout their careers.
  • Employers want more educated applicants.
  • Employees need targeted and affordable learning opportunities.
  • Institutions must develop curricula to train/retrain workers.


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