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The State of Technology in Education Infographic

The State of Technology in Education Infographic

In 2016, ClassFlow surveyed more than 1,500 educators across the UK to identify current attitudes and trends concerning technology in education. What we found, is that while teachers hearts are in the right place – with over half striving to innovate using technology as a tool for education – issues such as budget restraints and a lack of training are holding them back, with 70% of educators believing their school is not investing enough money in technology for education, or is investing in the wrong things.

However, with only 1% of teachers believing that there is no place for technology in the classroom, the future looks bright; with technology appreciated as a useful tool in a plethora of modern teaching methods, and resources.

The State of Technology in Education Infographic brings you a selection of the key highlights from the survey and subsequent report. Findings, highlight that teachers WANT to use technology in the classroom, but that investment is needed to ensure modern schools have the IT infrastructure necessary to reap the real educational benefits it provides; and ensure their long-term success.


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