The Teachers' Google Toolkit Infographic

The Teachers' Google Toolkit Infographic

The Teacher's Google Toolkit Infographic

We all know that Google offers a myriad of tools that can be useful in the classroom, but do you know just how many there really are and what they can do? The The Teacher's Google Toolkit Infographic presents the Google tools that every teacher should try out. Some are very well known, others less so, but there are great ways to use all of them in the classroom!

Privacy and Security Tools

Make sure that your students’ (and your!) data is safe and secure with things like 2-step verification, analytics opt-out, off the record, incognito mode, and more.

Google Drive

Take your classroom paperless, collaborate, and share easily with this one stop for all of your documents.

Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Slides

Easy to use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools for classroom work and professional development.

Google Forms

Create polls, feedback forms, surveys and more. Great for class projects, data collection, and teacher feedback.

Google Calendar

Keep all of your appointments straight (across all your devices). Keep/share/collaborate on group calendars (classes, departments, whole school).


Create communities, host and participate in hangouts, bring virtual guests to your classroom, connect with just about anyone you choose.

Google Groups

Connect with other like-minded groups around the globe via email and online forums.

Google Moderator

Get input from your various audiences. Works especially well for large professional development groups, or very large classes.


Have your students create and maintain blogs, or make one for your own purposes!

Google Translate

Ever wondered what something in another language means? Head over to Google Translate or just paste any foreign text into your Google search box!

Google Scholar

A search engine especially for rooting through scholarly literature.

Google Map Maker

Update Google maps with information pertinent to your area. Could make an excellent geography and cultural project.

Google Sites

Build a personal website, a classroom site, or have students build project sites with no coding necessary

Course Builder

An open source education platform that lets you put your course content online for just about any audience! Use for your classes or to share your edtech prowess with other educators.

Google Chrome

An excellent web browser that supports a myriad of awesome extensions


These relatively inexpensive laptops are a great choice for classrooms and offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Cultural Institute / Art Project / World Wonders

Explore things like world heritage sites, famous art collections, and information on significant historical events in this virutal museum.

A Google A Day

This game encourages efficient web researching. It is a great way to help your students rsearch quickly and easily – and it is fun, too!

Accessibility Tools

Tools to help blind, low-vision, deaf, and hard of hearing users navigate all that Google has to offer. A huge bonus for both special-ed classrooms or anyone that needs it.

Google Now

A personalized homepage of sorts for your device. Includes personalized weather, calendar, traffic, and other information it guesses will be relevant to you.

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