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How The Teacher Shortage Affects Classrooms In America Infographic

How The Teacher Shortage Affects Classrooms In America Infographic

Tere’s a teacher shortage in America. States like California, Texas, and Florida are decimated by a shortage of teachers across the board. Teachers of Tomorrow has launched resources designed to help education leaders battle the growing teacher shortage. The first resource is this infographic with teacher shortage data from around the country including insights from 15 education leaders and their suggestions on how to combat the growing shortage.

Teachers of Tomorrow has worked diligently to solve the teacher shortage by recruiting, training, certifying and working with districts to hire over 7,000 teachers in 2016. The program was recently approved in both Florida and Nevada and has applications pending in states with the greatest needs.

Quotes on the teacher shortage include –

  • “Reaffirm teaching as a noble profession” – Dr. Matthew Lynch
  • “Give them some room to iterate and experiment” – Jaime Casp
  • “Alternative certification programs exist to help” – Dave Saba
  • “Long term solutions to the teacher shortage require policy solutions” – Chad Aldeman
  • “Stop treating the problem in a generic way” – Dan Goldhaber
  • “Teachers spend less time on low value things and more on high value instruction” – Rick Hess
  • “Create conditions where more teachers stay in the profession” – Richard Kahlenberg

The Teachers of Tomorrow team will continue to create new content to help leaders address the very specific issues surrounding the teacher talent pipeline on their website. The next resources will provide very specific ways to become a teacher today. With an eye on the highest-need areas, they will also launch information on how to become a math teacher or become a special education teacher considering almost all schools have a need in these subject areas. The site has already seen significant traffic by those looking to enter the teaching profession and those who want to help ensure schools get the talent they need.

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