Simple Hacks To Stay Healthy At Work

Simple Hacks To Stay Healthy At Work - Infographic

The working environment is so important to the health and wellbeing of workers, both psychically and mentally.

This infographic gives tips and tricks to stay healthy at work for body and mind.

From positive affirmations to desk exercises, these are small practices that when implemented every day can have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

If you are not sure where to start, below you will find three easy exercises you can do right now while sitting at your desk.

  1. Look around
    Turn your head to the left until you are looking over your shoulder. Hold for two seconds and then repeat by turning your head to the right. Do this five times
    You can do the same by titling you head back and holding for two seconds, and then tilting your head forwards until your chin touches your chest and holding for another two seconds.
  2. Shrug your shoulders
    Lift your shoulders to your ears, hold for two seconds and then drop them back down again. Repeat five times.
    Once you have done this, try making your shoulder blades touch while puffing out your chest. Do this nice and slowly, and repeat five times.
  3. Press your hands together
    Place your hands together as if in prayer and then press for five seconds. You should feel tension in your arms, shoulders, and chest. Repeat five times.
    Next, lace your fingers together and reach up to the sky as high as you can. Hold for two to five seconds.
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