20 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively - Sam Nathaniel Infographic

20 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively - Sam Nathaniel Infographic

Being Produ20 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively - Sam Nathaniel Infographic

1. Plant Trees

Improve our air quality by planting trees nearby your house or surroundings.

2. Avoid Fast Food, Start Cooking

Fast food hurts your body lot more than you think. Better learn cooking, it can add up to your skills but most of all it improves your health.

3. Get Yourself Fit

Whatever age you are, you can always start to get your body fit by doing exercise such as jogging, walking, cycling, farming, etc.

4. Get To Know College Professors

If you’re a newbie going to enter college, get to know some professors from a different university and start taking valuable inputs.

5. Improve Your Writing Skills

Many ways you can start improving your vocabulary skills via YouTube videos, Free materials online, newspapers etc.

6. Read Books

Slowly the habit of reading books decreased over the years It’s high time we start reading quality books to improve ourselves in many ways. Visit a library for instance.

7. Study For Admission Tests

If you’re having bigger dreams, then it is very important to study in holidays. Many tests are available to prepare yourselves. GRE, TOEFL, etc.

8. Get Creative

You can learn many creative things like Photoshop, Video editing, crafting, drawing, painting, etc. You don’t have to spend money; free resources are available online.

9. Sell Unused Stuff

oh boy! How often we see unused things that are locked up in our house? It can be useful to someone else.

10. Tutor Students

Another vital role you play in expanding your knowledge by sharing with students. You can start tutoring your knowledge and skills via online.

11. Visit Museums

Get to know about your history by visiting museums around the city.

12. Take Up A New Hobby

Many valuable things you can learn as your new hobby such as short filming, dancing, cooking, painting, photography, blogging, debating etc.

13. Learn A Language

Vital skill this! You can learn new languages either via direct tutoring or by learning online. It can be helpful at the time of getting a job.

14. Learn To Play An Instrument

If you’re into music or like to learn music. Then why are you waiting? Start learning instruments which suit your liking.

15. Get Into Internship/ Part-Time Job

You can try internships or part-time jobs to check your skills and get into a zone where you can improve yourself professionally for future.

16. Sports

Play as many sports as you like. It helps you build self-confidence, teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship etc.

17. Photography

Don’t have to own a DSLR camera for this, your smartphones are more than enough to learn photography as a hobby. If you need professional, then go for the camera.

18. Learn Swimming

Summer!! Swimming helps you to get fit, relaxed and more focused. If you don’t know yet, join a coaching session.

19. Learn Bike/Car Riding

Learn to ride bike and car. But make sure you do it safely following traffic rules. Remember, always wear safety helmets and seat belts.

20. Create A Website

If you think you have valuable knowledge to share with this world. Try creating a website, you can use WordPress, Weebly, Blogger for free as a blog/ website.

Via: http://samnathaniel.in/blog/20-ways-to-spend-your-time-productively/
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