The Rise of the Online MBA Education Infographic

Online MBA Education Infographic

Online MBA Education Infographic

Ohio University's MBA program offers this Online MBA Education Infographic about the rise of the online MBA degree. With over 6.7 million students enrolled in online education, a Master of Business Administration is the #1 most popular online graduate degree offered by 355 accredited programs.

Many people believe that online degrees don’t carry as much weight as an on-campus degrees, but 77% of academic leaders say that online learning is of equal quality or better than “Face-to-Face” learning. For part-time students, it takes about 3 years to complete an online MBA.

For those three years of schooling, annual earnings for new MBA holders rise by about $40,000 a year than those with just bachelor’s degrees. Most people (96.4%) choose an online MBA because they can go to school and while still working.

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