Purpose Of Learning Objectives In eLearning

Purpose of Learning Objectives in eLearning

Purpose Of Learning Objectives In eLearning—Infographic

The creation or development of any eLearning course begins by defining the "goal" (i.e., keeping the end in mind).

1. Create A Clear Learning Framework

A successful course requires structured content with clear objectives. Learning objectives enable you to outline the content and give a clear picture of what the learner would be able to accomplish by the end of the course.

2. Define The Scope

The best way to create an amazing learning experience is to define the scope of the training and clearly communicate this to the learner.

3. Present The Content With A Purpose

When the content is presented with a clear purpose, learners can navigate through the course with ease, extracting the right kind of information.

3 aspects to remember:

  • Objectives should be specific and measurable
  • Evaluation should be based on the objectives
  • Content and assessments should be aligned to the learning objectives
Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/learning-objectives-in-elearning-purpose-infographic
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