Profile of the Modern Learner Infographic

Profile of the Modern Learner Infographic

Profile of the Modern Learner: Helpful Facts and Stats

With the digital revolution enabling people to take learning into their own hands, training providers and in-house L&D teams are under pressure to modernize their approaches or risk becoming ineffective, out-of-touch, or even obsolete. To help you get in sync with modern learners, the Profile of the Modern Learner Infographic gathers facts and stats from various research papers to create a clear profile.

Modern learners are literally taking professional development and performance support into their own hands—accessing content on any device, outside of work, on the move, or at the point of need. Most are investing their own time to learn, and some are also investing their own money.

With a strong appetite for professional learning, it seems corporate training departments are missing out. Only 12% of corporate learning is mobile enabled, according to Bersin by Deloitte.

Join the mobile learning revolution and (re)engage your learners by creating quality multi-device content with Elucidat.

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