Personalized Video Is A Game Changer For CCM Providers

Personalized Video Is A Game Changer For CCM Providers

Personalized Video Is A Game Changer For CCM Providers—Infographic

Personalized video is a content format that brands can't afford to ignore. With personalized videos, CCM providers can create engaging, interactive content to cost-effectively scale personalized customer care and maximize ROI.

1. Deliver Leading-Edge Content

The stats prove it. The video visually engages customers and personalization is a powerful way to deliver product information that resonates.

2. Engage And Motivate Action

Our personalized video pension statement retained 70% of viewers from start to finish, earning over 2 minutes of attention. With that level of engagement, motivating customer action becomes effortless.

3. Improve The Ability To Upsell And Cross-Sell

Personalized videos capitalize on engagement and deliver timely, relevant offers, and product recommendations for upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

4. Encourage A Two-Way Conversation

Interactive personalized videos open a two-way dialogue to gain valuable customer insights in real-time.

5. Reduce Call Center Activity

Personalized videos use existing, or customer-provided data to proactively address likely call center triggers.

6. Drive Customer Care ROI

Personalized video offers a customer communication solution that boosts engagement, motivates customer action, and builds brand loyalty. At every touchpoint, use personalized videos to leverage the full strategic opportunity of customer care and earn ROI.

For these 6 reasons, leading CCM providers use personalized video to deliver engaging content that drives ROI and returns valuable customer insights.

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