Use Performance Support Tools (PSTs) To Enhance Your Workforce Performance

Use Performance Support Tools (PSTs) To Enhance Your Workforce Performance

Use Performance Support Tools (PSTs) to Enhance Your Workforce Performance Infographic

Performance Support Tools (PSTs) can add a significant amount of value to an organization’s learning strategy. They provide an option for employees to learn and work at the same time and help organizations reduce the cost of training while increasing productivity and performance. It is increasingly being used to extend discrete, formal training through a learning path that provides these assets within the learner’s workflow. These tools, unlike training, are available to employees while they actually do their jobs to support and guide them. They are very easy to find, often directly embedded into the learners’ workflow (Learning Hub) and offer active guidance.

The following are 15 ways in which you can effectively apply Performance Support Tools in your training:

You can reinforce your training by identifying areas in formal training where you can apply PSTs. They are advantageous tools to transform learning from a finite number of days to “learning as a continuum.” A combination of reinforcement, as well as new assets that push application of knowledge on the job, will help you create a high degree of knowledge recall, retention, and application.

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