Online Discussion Tips Infographic

At the Online Discussion Tips Infographic you will find 15 Tips for Facilitation Online Discussion plus 11 Prompts to Stimulate Conversation.

15 Tips For Facilitating Online Discussion

  1. Start reading posts early
  2. Give constructive feedback, public and private
  3. Identify writing issues early
  4. Participate frequently
  5. Follow the rubric
  6. Stimulate conversation
  7. Make it real
  8. Empower the students to share
  9. Keep it alive
  10. Praise well written arguments
  11. Never criticize publicly
  12. Never wait too long to stimulate discussion
  13. Never take one side
  14. Never discount someone’s experience
  15. Never let inaccurate information go unnoticed

11 Prompts to Stimulate Conversation

  1. Can you clarify?
  2. Do you need anything else to answer this?
  3. Do you think?
  4. Do you agree with?
  5. So are you saying?
  6. Have you seen?
  7. So on the news, I noticed something similar
  8. What do your friends think?
  9. Is there someone else you can ask?
  10. Where did you hear that?
  11. Do you have a reference for that?
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