The Most Beautiful Libraries of the World Infographic

The Most Beautiful Libraries of the World Infographic

The Most Beautiful Libraries of the World Infographic

Libraries are no longer a place of study only; some people consider them to be the most meditative places on earth. But try to imagine working on your assignment writing in one of the best libraries where famous scientists have worked. To encourage you to visit the cultural heritage, here is the list of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

#1 State Library of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
Built in 1834 by Richard Hanson and Robert Gouger the building has preserved the original furniture and iron hand rails as well as pristine beauty of The Dent&Sons clock.

#2 Trinity College Old Library, Dublin, Ireland
Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I this library is a masterpiece of interior design. Many believe its majestic atmosphere has inspired the look of the Jedi archives of the Jedi Temple in one of Star Wars episode.

#3 Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany
With about 250,000 volumes Stuttgart Library is a great example of modern architecture. You may enjoy its façade’s glass beauty at sunset when the bricks take on a glow as well as after dark when they are illuminated with blue light.

#4 Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
As Portuguese immigrants banded together they have created a majestic library , construction of which started in 1880. Library has one of the largest collections of literature in Portuguese so if you need assignment help on Portuguese literature this is a certain place for you.

#5 Clementinum, Prague, Czech Republic
Founded in 1622 by Jesuit College this library treasures more than 6,000,000 volumes although legend says the Jesuits had only one book when the construction had started.

#6 Handelingenkamer, the Hague, Netherlands
Built in the 19th century this library’s atmosphere will send you to the Chinese temple: the building architect C.M.Peters was influenced by the Chinese aesthetics. Built in the time of no electricity, the building’s dome allows much light, making the interior magnificent.

#7 Central Library of Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
The creation of Moshe Safdie will definitely remind you a modern Colosseum. Founded in 1869 by J.A.Raymur the library’s building includes a rooftop garden.

#8 Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico
This brand new library designed by Alberto Kalach generates (together with integrated botanical gardens) a unique urban ecological area which harmonizes with nature.

#9 Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
This modern building is complex of libraries, museums, planetarium and research centres to present the Egyptian heritage. Amazing façade is covered in letters from over hundred world languages.

#10 Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Connecticut, USA
One of the largest world buildings, made of marble, bronze, and glass, was created by Beinecke family to preserve rare books and manuscripts. The library gives an illusion of solid building from outside.

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