mLearning vs eLearning Infographic

mLearning vs eLearning Infographic

mLearning vs eLearning Infographic

Many people assume that mLearning and eLearning are the same, however the differences between using mobile devices and computers are numerous, and designing effective courses for these two modes of learning can differ in many aspects. The mLearning vs eLearning Infographic shows that although mLearning is usually considered as the extension of eLearning, it requires a different pedagogical approach for several reasons.

Why mLearning is important?

A recent survey showed:

  • 100% of participants would complete more training if it were in the mobile format,
  • 99% believed the format and presentation enhanced their learning,
  • 75% praised the convenience and time management benefits,
  • 45% less time was taken in training, with no loss of comprehension.

Webanywhere provide eLearning and mLearning solutions to schools, businesses, healthcare providers, government organisations and non-profits, helping them make the most of the web. Case studies available here.

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