Mastering Time Management Infographic

Mastering Time Management Infographic

Mastering Time Management Infographic

Time Management refers to managing the time at one’s disposal in the most effective manner. This also involves the allocation of the optimal amount of time for the right activity. It is the process of planning how to divide time among various vital tasks.

We are all given twenty-four hours in a day, and yet we find that few people achieve greater number of tasks than others. How does that work? One may attribute it to hard work. But, in most cases, the answer is smart work, which basically implies achieving more done in less time. In doing so, we not only save a lot of time, but we eliminate a lot of issues we face in our daily lives.

Effective time management helps in reducing stress, in effective planning, in setting our goals and objectives, achieving greater control over our responsibilities and also in setting deadlines. When you understand the difference between being busy and being effective, you have achieved the first step in understanding time management. Failing to do so, on the other hand, has a lot of unfavorable consequences such as a dip in work quality, greater stress levels, and an inefficient workflow.

It is therefore very critical to understand how to manage time efficiently in order to help improve productivity. Here are few tips that would help you do so –


Declutter your desk, your inbox, your task list, and your life. Splitting your entire task into little chunks will help in planning and prioritizing your tasks better and effectively.


Plan out your workday and stick to it. Also, check all accomplished tasks as you go through with the day. Have a checklist that will help you tick off all accomplished tasks so that the needed urgency is induced into the ones that aren’t yet completed.


Rank your tasks in terms of priority and align them with your job demands, your goals, and MBOs. This will help you give more time for the ones that need more amount of time, and work more efficiently.

Be Effective

It is not a race. Do not try to finish things quick, and lose focus on quality. Try to be effective! When the focus is only on finishing a particular task and not on finishing it the right way, then we end up compromising on the most important aspect, the quality. Do not lose focus on the quality or the deadline.


Focus on the vital few rather than the vital many. This can be achieved when the planning in the initial stage of time management has been done properly. Knowing well in advance the number of tasks at your plate, and planning on what can be taken on and what cannot is critical.

Finish the job

Develop your finishing instinct when you get to a task. Complete the task, effectively, no matter what. The focus should be on completing the job without any compromise on the quality. When the end result is clear in our minds, working backwards becomes easier.

Stop procrastinating

Most people tend to tackle easy tasks first and push out the difficult ones. Doing so is a classic sign of procrastination. It is advised not to fall into this trap. Try to finish the tasks you think is the most difficult to accomplish, and you will find yourself being more productive.

Stay Organized

Once you get organized, stay organized! This is probably the most difficult thing to achieve. Continued motivation to be organized. It is important to remember your end goal and aspirations on the way very clearly to stay so.

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