Learning in a Multi-Device World Infographic

Learning in a Multi-device World Infographic

Learning in a Multi-Device World Infographic

We live and work in a multi-device world that allows us access to knowledge at our fingertips. In the learning world this has created a new dimension, which lays emphasis on multi-device/responsive learning. The Learning in a Multi-device World Infographic provides a graphical explanation on the rapid rise in the number of devices and their increased usage in our daily lives that have led to the evolution of 'The Multi-device World'. It also explains the need for multi-device learning in the present scenario and provides an elucidation on the various aspects pertaining to designing, testing and delivering that have to be considered when getting started with multi-device learning.

Multi-device world and multi-device learning

In 2012, Google's study, titled 'The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior' gave us a glimpse of the multi-device world. It claimed we were using multiple devices in a day, often switching between them to complete tasks. Today that phenomenon is only getting stronger.

According to the Verto Analytics’ Device Ecosystem US 2014 report, the average number of smartphones, tablets and computers used by an average US adult is 2.8 devices. Further, consumers show an increasingly polarised preference towards a particular device and platform as technology evolves. This indicates the increasing dependency on devices, generated by the ease in switching between tasks and the leverage it provides.

In line with this, we have been talking about designing and testing learning that can be seamlessly delivered across all devices. Learning solutions need to be comprehensive and available anytime, anywhere and on any device. As a result, learning solutions providers need to be designing and developing a learning environment that is responsive and can be seamlessly delivered to the learners, and make 'Learning a lifestyle'.

Via: http://www.upsidelearning.com/infographics/learning-in-a-multi-device-world/
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