ILT To eLearning Conversion: A Well-Planned Approach

ILT To eLearning Conversion: A Well-Planned Approach—Infographic

The truth is ILT learning material cannot be converted into an engaging and instructionally sound eLearning course at the touch of a button. Here's a well-planned, time-tested approach that you can consider following for a quality ILT to eLearning conversion output.

1. Analyze The Learners To Help You

  • Realize how they are different from a classroom audience
  • Assess how much they know about the subject

2. Examine The Learning Environment

  • Identify where the learning takes place—workplace, home, or on the move
  • Determine the digital formats that can be used

3. Revise The Learning Objectives

  • Finalize the performance-based learning objectives and decide the content
  • Define the content, instructional strategy, duration, and the cost of conversion

4. Analyze The Content

  • Understand the topic in more detail
  • Decide on a suitable instructional approach
  • Identify content gaps in the existing content
  • Collect the missing elements and design the final content

5. Think Of An Appropriate Instructional Strategy

  • Meet the learning objectives
  • Cover the visual strategy and design of the eLearning course
  • Balance the audio narration with the onscreen text
  • Use appropriate levels of interactivity

6. Use Assessments That Include

  • Formative assessments at the end of each learning objective with immediate feedback
  • Summative assessment at the end to measure learning
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