How to Promote Your Classroom Library Infographic

Classroom libraries can make a big difference in the reading lives of students in your classroom—no matter their age or reading ability. Research is clear that:

  • classroom libraries help promote literacy;
  • a literacy-rich classroom and classroom library support the common core;
  • classroom libraries support balanced literacy instruction;
  • students who read more become better readers;
  • regular reading builds fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension; and
  • classroom libraries and access to books can increase reading by up to 60%.

The best time to begin building a classroom library is…yesterday! That being said, you can begin building your classroom library today knowing that the best classroom libraries are built over time and with intentionality. However, building it alone does not always guarantee success. Sometimes, a little promoting helps create a renewed interest in the books and materials your classroom library has to offer students. The How to Promote Your Classroom Library Infographic provides 10 easy ways to create a more inspiring classroom library and develop a literacy-rich environment!

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