How to Motivate Your Students in the Classroom Infographic

Getting students engaged is not an easy task particularly in an age that is full of all kinds of distractions. Some argue that some of the habits that students have developed as a result of their heavy use of emerging technologies and social media have negatively impacted their capacities to concentrate and focus for longer stretches of time. However, when students are motivated to learn, focus and attention comes along easily.

The How to Motivate Your Students in the Classroom Infographic features 10 ways to get students motivated:

  1. Encourage communication
  2. Establish relationship and high expectations
  3. Set objectives
  4. Make it applicable to real life
  5. Use cooperative learning
  6. Utilize peer instruction
  7. Change your teaching style for different learning style
  8. Ditch the bubble tests
  9. Try deliberative practice
  10. Try Flipped Classroom
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