How To Enhance Customers' Omnichannel Experience

How To Enhance Customers' Omnichannel Experience

How To Enhance Customers' Omnichannel Experience—Infographic

Customers don't like it when companies can't remember who they are. 87% of market analysts say Customer Experience is extremely important for brand loyalty.

Have We Met Before? The Problem With Omnichannel Customer Experience

Restating or reentering information wastes customers' time and makes them feel like the company doesn't care about their experience. The longer customers interact with companies, the better service they expect. They want personalized communications that fit everything the company knows about them.

62% of customers expect customers to adapt based on their behavior, needs, and expectations for a more personalized experience.

Why Omnichannel?

  • For seamless customer service and ease of access across all channels.
  • For the transfer of customer data across multiple touchpoints in real time.
  • For an automated ecosystem that lets customers pick up from where they left.

The Omnichannel Problem Is Costing You

What happens when the omnichannel experience you provide doesn't live up to customer expectations?

  1. Customers stop opening your email offers.
  2. They refuse to place in-store orders.
  3. They buy less, less often.
  4. They take their business to a competitor.

Great To Have You Back! Humanize The Omnichannel By Addressing Digital Identity

More than 80% of companies are investing in omnichannel strategies.

Digital customer identity is all about recognizing your customer. Make them feel seen and well-served by recording, sharing, and using the information they give you in one place.

  • Streamline
    Customers log in once to access multiple channels securely.
  • Unify
    Eliminate internal data silos to get a full picture of your customers.
  • Personalize
    Rich customer profiles give you deep insights into behavior and preferences.
  • Retain
    Return rates skyrocket when customers feel seen and well-served.
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