How to Chunk Content for eLearning Infographic

One of the main concepts that leads to successful e-Learning course design is information chunking. But what is chunking? Why is it embedded in the world of instructional design? And what kind of chunking strategies can an instructional designer use to enhance learning?

Chunking refers to the strategy of making a more efficient use of our short-term memory by organizing and grouping various pieces of information together. When information is chunked into groups, the brain can process them easier and faster, because our working memory can hold a limited amount of data at the same time. As an Instructional Designer, you must understand the importance of chunking the content, in designing a customized eLearning course.

The How to Chunk Content for eLearning infographic gives a good idea of what is content chunking and why it is useful. The described steps of content chunking will give you a good start, if you are new to designing and delivering eLearning courses.

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