How Google is Changing Education Infographic

Google’s education initiatives focus on: Making learning magical for students, Empowering innovative communities, and Building a foundation of technology and access.

11 Google Education Initiatives

  1. Google Code in
  2. CAPE: Computer and Programming Experience (cultivating the next generation of computer scientists)
  3. LEAD Computer Science Institute (Programs for high achieving minorities)
  4. App Inventor (allows students to build their own Apps)
  5. Google Science Fair (International competition)
  6. You Tube Space Lab (conducting student science experiments in space)
  7. RISE and Trailblazer awards (Roots in Science and Engineering awards secondary and college students to foster interest in those subjects)
  8. Doodle 4 Google (Students design Google’s homepage logo)
  9. Google’s Summer of Code Internship
  10. Computer Science Summer Institute Internship
  11. Android Camp Internship
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