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How Can Educators Make a Difference Infographic

How Can Educators Make a Difference Infographic

The How Can Educators Make a Difference Infographic presents 7 messages from authoritative figures in the field of education about making a difference.

  1. Educators need to be open to the possibility that, with the daily scramble of trying to make ends meet, a given student’s family may not see school success as a priority. (John Korsmo, p. 46)
  2. One of the most powerful ways we can motivate students is by allowing them to speak, read, and write about what matters to them. (Jyothi Bathina, p. 40)
  3. Effective schools offer challenging instruction while simultaneously addressing basic needs. This is a tricky balancing act that requires dedication, self-reflection, and reexamining what works.
    (Julie Landsman, p. 16)
  4. Scientific research has shown us that the spark of kindness resides in everyone, and through even small actions, schools can fan that spark into a flame. (Vicki Zakrzewski, p. 24)
  5. Today’s professional educators are buried under half-baked mandates and reform ideas hatched in the minds of amateurs. Our only salvation is to take up hammer and chisel and chip away the myths. (Gene V Glass and David C. Berliner, p. 28)
  6. A great teacher’s lessons may not turn out exactly as planned, but great teachers change your view of the world; they open your eyes to new thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. (Amanda Christine Brady, p. 70)
  7. Teacher leaders need to gather the courage to speak, and keep speaking, as experts. Avoiding public conversations about the work of teaching and learning doesn’t serve children or the community well. (Nancy Flanagan, p. 34)

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