Gamification for Business Infographic

Gamification for Business Infographic

Gamification for Business Infographic

The Gamification for Business Infographic shows some interesting facts about gamification for business and mentions the main benefits for employees.

  • $5,500 billion – Expected market growth of gamification in 2018.
  • $2,309 million – Expected game-based global revenue in 2017
  • $6,648 million – Expected simulation-based global revenue in 2017
  • $8,958 million – Expected global revenue in the learning games market in 2017
  • 89% – A survey showed that 89% of learners think a point system would boost their engagement.
  • 82% – are in favor of multiple difficulty levels and explorable content.
  • 62% – said they would be motivated to learn if leaderboards were involved.
  • 30% – prefer a progressing to different levels gamification strategy.

Expected Biggest Market on Gamification

  • North America followed by Europe

Main Benefits for Business

  1. Fun Learning Experience: Gamification can result to a 100% – 150% increase in engagement according to M2 Research.
  2. Social connections: 80% of users take interest in gaming to socialise according to the University of Essex
  3. Immediate feedback: Employees learn from mistakes, they adjust, and they master new skills in order to succeed at the game.
  4. Behavioral change: When combined with repeated retrieval and spaced repetition, it can drive strong behavioral change.
  5. Attract new recruits: America’s Army has attracted millions of potential new recruits by using gamification.

Webanywhere provides gamification for business using popular learning management systems (LMS), like Moodle and Totara LMS. If you’d like to learn how gamification can benefit your business get in touch today.

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