The European MOOCs Scoreboard Infographic

The European MOOCs Scoreboard Infographic

The European MOOCs Scoreboard Infographic

The world of MOOCs is dynamic and growing, and Open Education Europa aims to be the leading online resource for open education innovation. The aim of the European MOOCs Scoreboard Infographic is to highlight the huge potential that European institutions have in the world of OER and to help visualize this potential by compiling the existing European-provided MOOCs available on different open websites.

European MOOCs are those provided by European institutions, regardless of the platform that hosts them. All of the MOOCs accounted for in the scoreboard are also listed in the MOOC aggregator on the Open Education Europa website.

Another crucial point to note is that the scoreboard data is cumulative. That is, MOOCs are not deleted once they’re over. If a course is offered more than once, any subsequent session will be added as a new entry, i.e. Basic Economics (2nd Edition).

The courses have varying statuses: some are starting soon, some are ongoing, and others are listed as finished, but have made their resources available for self-study. While most of the information concerns MOOCs from European institutions, additional research on non-EU MOOCs was conducted to provide a reliable basis for comparison.

The scoreboard data is downloadable from the scoreboard page by clicking on the export symbol on the bottom of each of the scoreboard tabs.

European Sources

European Education Institutions at the Open Education Europa portal, Alison, First Business MOOC, FUN, FutureLearn,Iversity, Miriada X, Open Classrooms, Open Course World, openHPI, openSAP, Unow, Océan


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