How to Encourage Kindness in Children Infographic

How to Encourage Kindness in Children Infographic

How to Encourage Kindness in Children Infographic

Kindness is contagious. Even a simple smile can brighten someones day and get passed to the next person. Imagine a world where good deeds and smiles gets passed to each person…. from mile to mile! The How to Encourage Kindness in Children Infographic from I See Me! looks at how you can encourage your child to be kind to others, one thoughtful deed at a time.

At home

Parent Tip: Communication. Talking with your child helps them understand the effects of their actions. Positive feedback motivates children to continue good habits.

  • Collect a few flowers from the house. A helpful family member garden, and bring them to school.
  • Donating unused toys to your school.
  • Clean the dinner  table. Put the dishes in the sink, wipe the table top. A helpful family member.
  • Pick up toys. Put away at least 3 toys after a play date. Teaches how to be responsible and clean.

At school

Parent tip: Consideration. Kindness projects: Volunteer at the local community center. Create cards for your friends with a personalized compliment.

  • Stand up against bullying. Teach kids words to stick up for themselves.
  • Children will learn how to respectfully stand their ground, helping improve their self-esteem and compassion.
  • Invite New Student to recess. “Would you like to join my group of friends and play with us?". Teaches how to be caring and friendly.
  • Let a classmate go first. When waiting in line for lunch and/or leaving the classroom after school.

The environment

Parent tip: Gratitude encourages children to express thankfulness. Appreciating others makes you feel good, and promotes thoughtfulness.

  • Hug a tree/ clean up trash. Pick up an empty coffee cup, or chips packet and put it in the trash can. Picking up litter is an important way to learn to take care of the environment you live m.
  • PIant a tree. Plant a few seeds in the school grounds with other students.
  • Recycle. Create art projects using recycled newspaper and used bottle caps.

Kindness is an important part of children’s upbringing, and what better way to inspire children than by participating in these kindness projects with them! Team up with children in your neighborhood, and begin by planning one creative kindness project today!

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