5 Ways eLearning Can Transform Your Training Business Infographic

5 Ways eLearning Can Transform Your Training Business Infographic

5 Ways eLearning Can Transform Your Training Business Infographic

If you only provide face-to-face training with no eLearning, you are missing out. Face-to-face training has many limitations. Face-to-face courses take longer periods of time, involve costs such as travel and do not cater to every learner. eLearning has drastically changed the training and learning industry and is rapidly growing. Training companies are no longer bound by physical constraints such as location or resources and learners now have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. eLearning has grown 900% since the turn of the millenium and the LMS market is on track to be worth $240 billion by 2023.

This infographic shows how eLearning can transform your training business:

1. eLearning gives you better engagement and retention

Most employees have little time to spend on training. So when they do attend training, that time is often wasted. The average employee has 1% of their working week available to professional development, which equates to 4.8 minutes a day. eLearning unlike face-to-face courses allows you to deliver learning material in bite-sized pieces online. Therefore, registrants don’t have to take excessive amounts of time off from their work to travel.

2. eLearning allows you to deliver training on the move

According to Gartner, the mobile workforce is going to double or triple in size by the year 2018. Mobile devices are becoming more advanced, capable of completing increasingly consuming tasks. This has liberated people from the desktop and desk. Learners will have the option of picking up your material outside of the classroom. More opportunities to learn via mobile, during commuting time, or at home, will increase the time available for learning. With only 1% of the working week on average available for development, more time for learning is an improvement.

3. Learning that is not too fast and not too slow, but just right

eLearning is self-paced. The registrant is able to choose when they want to consume more material. Registrants can skip content they are already familiar with, go back to cover pieces they need more work on and participate when it suits them. This flexibility in delivery is hard to achieve face-to-face as you will often have to neglect someone in the room.

4. eLearning helps you scale your training business

Many of the limitations of face-to-face learning are removed with elearning. eLearning can be achieved without the presence of an instructor. Presenter availability and resourcing is no longer an issue when using elearning. Venue capacity is no longer a concern either as the training moves online. Geographic limitations are reduced as elearning can be deployed anywhere and anytime.

5. LMS gives you insight into your learners’ progress

eLearning solutions such as Learning Management Systems will often give you real time visibility of a learners journey, which would otherwise be unseen when using more traditional methods of training. This real time feedback allows you to make changes to your offering when you identify a lack of progress.


Via: http://blog.arlo.co/2018/01/5-ways-elearning-will-transform-your-training-business/
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