Effective Blended Learning Strategies Using Digital Formats

Effective Blended Learning Strategies Using Digital Formats—Infographic

Blended learning offers more power to the experience of learning by reaping the benefits of structured classroom training as well as the personalized nature of digital training. In other words, this learning approach is a combination of one or more of the following digital learning formats and classroom training programs.

What: PDF documents, eBooks, How-To Guides

How: ILT-based new hire training programs can be followed by giving learners a link to an online PDF document or a how-to guide on employee benefits or leave policies

What: Videos, Podcasts

How: In a software training course, each step can be made into bite-sized videos and provided to the employees as Just-In-Time support.

What: Puzzles, Games

How: Online puzzles and games can be sent to the employees for periodic reinforcement of knowledge imparted during an ILT session.

What: Case Studies, Simulations, Interactive Assessments

How: Safety training programs provided online can be followed by ILT sessions where supporting case studies can be discussed.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/blended-learning-with-digital-formats-infographic
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