Education Index Infographic: Online Education vs. Traditional Education

The HotChalk Education Index (HEI) provides quarterly insights regarding how the Internet is impacting education. The HotChalk Education Index Infographic is a visual presentation of the first HEI report, which compiled survey data collected from over 25,000 students, teachers, parents, and administrators and found that students want to spend less time in classrooms and more time online because online classes offer the necessary flexibility for working students who need to balance work and school. Online classes are also better tailored for students that learn better by reading course materials, prefer to work independently, and desire a greater variety of classes.

Online education has the potential to eliminate social injustices and inequalities that can be found in traditional educational institutions and reduce the cost of tangible educational materials, something that can become a burden for many students. That promise is the foundation of HotChalk passion–a passion to change the world through education.

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