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Developing a Learning Culture in Organizations Infographic

Developing a Learning Culture in Organizations Infographic

The Developing a Learning Culture in Organizations Infographic highlights some vital data concerning why you should build a learning culture in your organization. Today, managers and trainers need to think beyond the classroom. Formal training experiences no longer meet the needs of 21st-century organizations. Employees must be learning constantly in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in our fast-changing, digital world. Managers have a critical role to play in making this happen. You need to be able to create an organizational culture in which learning is a core value and made integral to work life.

Culture is made up of the different ways that people communicate with each other, the ways people lead, how the organization evaluates its performance, the physical environment of workspaces, and how organizational knowledge is managed. A learning culture is a community of workers continuously and collectively seeking improvement through new knowledge, new skills, and new applications of knowledge and skills to achieve the goals of the organization. A learning culture is a culture of inquiry; an environment in which employees feel safe asking tough questions about the purpose and quality of what they are doing for customers, themselves, and other stakeholders. The pursuit of learning is woven into the fabric of organizational life.

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