Club Together to Train Better Infographic

Club Together to Train Better Infographic

Club Together to Train Better Infographic

Stop, Collaborate and e-Learn! To savour your precious time and money, collaborating with other L & D departments is becoming ever necessary. In fact, it’s becoming the norm in whichever industry you are in, and that’s because of the awesome benefits. If you want to plug that dawning skills gap, widen your network, or just share your valuable experiences to make the market flourish further, clubbing together can make your projects even more exciting, and your customers even happier!

Organisations Just Like Yours Are Doing It!

Over a 12 Month Period:

  • 1/6 of all employers had worked with another organisation to access, develop or share expertise on skills and training. It’s a popular option.

Of these:

  • Organisations with 100+ employees:
    - Were twice as likely to find working with another organisation saved money.
    - Formal arrangements with other organisations were more common (66%).
  • Organisations with four or fewer employees:
    - Informal arrangements were more common (60%).

For all organisations:

  • Over 11% had both formal and informal arrangements.
Trainers Are Collaborating in Your Industry Too.

Organisations are working together on L&D in:

  • non-market services *35%
  • business and other services 18%
  • trade, accommodation and transport 13%
  • construction 14%
  • manufacturing 11%
  • primary sector and utilities 15%

*(health and social work, education, public administration and defence, compulsory social security)

The Benefits of Collaborating on Learning:

Organisations are able to:

  • Share best practice from previous experiences 50%
  • Stay up to date with the latest training developments 19%
  • Plug skills gaps 16%
  • Save money/make cost efficiencies 13%
  • Get something more tailored to their needs 13%
  • Ensure they do not fall behind competitors 7%
  • Widen their network 4%
  • Improve staff skills only 3%
Reach Out Today!

Share a link to this infographic with at least one friendly company that you would like to train with. It could be the start of a beautiful new learning and development relationship.

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