10 Facts About Cloud Computing Online Courses Infographic

10 Facts About Cloud Computing Online Courses Infographic

10 Facts About Cloud Computing Online Courses Infographic

As a Cloud Computing Expert, you open yourself to the variety of job options, based on skills and tenure. Solutions Architect, Technical Architect, Software Engineer, IT Architect and Systems Engineer are some of the valued positions you may land, with expertise in Cloud Computing. With salaries getting better as you become more experienced, the future of Cloud Computing is evidently great!

As per International Data Corporation (IDC), 85% of the new software is being built for the Cloud. It is expected that by 2016 as many as 48 million applications will be Cloud-based. A research firm, Gartner, revealed that Cloud adoption is predicted to hit $250 billion by 2017 and half of the global organizations will have hybrid clouds by that time!

10 Facts About Cloud Computing

So let's see some useful data on the issue that you should be aware of.

Fact 1

The cloud is entirely safe. It enables redundancy, data transfer, and auto backup; thus, it almost eliminates your chances of losing valuable data.

Fact 2

94% of SMBs have acknowledged that the kind of security benefits they received in the cloud was never available in theirs in-house service.

Fact 3

80% of the companies that shifted to cloud saw improvements in their IT departments in less than six months.

Fact 4

50% of US Government agencies make use of the cloud technology at present.

Fact 5

A new cloud server is added for every 600 smartphones or 120 tablets in use.

Fact 6

75% of businesses report that the availability of service has bettered after transiting to the cloud.

Fact 7

Today, about 605 of the organizations are inclined to hire professionals with cloud expertise.

Fact 8

By the end of 2018, at least 30% of the service-centric organizations will shift the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud.

Fact 9

As per an estimate made by industry experts, an astonishing 40 Zettabytes of data will be held in the cloud by 2020.

Fact 10

By 2025, 80% of IT expenditure of the organizations will be on the cloud instead of the conventional IT infrastructure.

Via: http://www.multisoftvirtualacademy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Cloud-Computing-10-Facts.png
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