7 Must-Have Characteristics Of Microlearning Design

7 Must-Have Characteristics Of Microlearning Design—Infographic

Microlearning is not a theory, it's a learner-centric approach that can be leveraged in corporate training. Effective microlearning design follows these 7 must-have characteristics.

1. Addresses A Single Performance-Based Objective

Microlearning addresses a single performance-based objective so that the training delivered contains information that's targeted and focused. This reduces cognitive overload and helps learns to fight the forgetting curve.

2. Leverages Existing Content

Good microlearning design leverages existing content used in classroom training such as PPTs, PDFs, videos, etc. to create micro modules.

3. Follow The Minimalist Design Trend

Microlearning follows the minimalist design trend by using crisp content along with relevant visuals. There's no room for unnecessary elements that do not aid the learning process.

4. Delivers Short And Useful Bursts Of Learning

Microlearning nuggets are all about content that's short and extremely useful. Design microlearning in a way that makes it easy for the learner to accomplish tasks on the job.

5. Uses A Variety Of Formats

Mix and match a variety of learning formats to engage learners. The principle of "Form Follows Function" is applicable in microlearning design as well. This means your choice of microlearning asset or format depends on the purpose it's intended to achieve.

6. Adheres To A Mobile-First Design

Microlearning needs to be designed in a way that supports learning on multiple devices. It is best to follow a mobile-first design while developing microlearning solutions.

7. Provides Intuitive Access

Microlearning is short and focused and hence suitable for learners who are looking for specific information. It is much easier to provide microlearning modules as searchable components on the LMS as compared to lengthy eLearning modules.


Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/microlearning-design-characteristics-infographic
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