How to Build an Engaging Edtech Marketing Plan Infographic

How to Build an Engaging Edtech Marketing Plan Infographic

How to Build an Engaging Edtech Marketing Plan Infographic

Technology is becoming an integral part of 21st century classrooms — if it hasn’t reached that point already. Some proof: Global spending on edtech is in the billions, and it’s expected to keep rising. Data from Agile’s latest survey of Curriculum Directors gives insight into how to create a strategic marketing plan that helps you get noticed in this booming market.

1. Meet educators where they want to learn about edtech.

Some of the top resources Curriculum Directors value for edtech are … not so techy. This points to the importance of an integrated marketing strategy that’s online and off.

  • 83% Conferences
  • 69% Word of mouth
  • 51% Email newsletters, offers and promotions
  • 50% Webinars

2. Connect with educators when it’s most convenient to them.

Certain times of the year are better for reaching educators about edtech, so plan your messaging accordingly.

  • Spring (April – June) Most convenient! Ramp up your communication in the spring to get in front of educators before the summer buying season. Push product demos and special offers.
  • Back to School & Fall (Mid-August – December) Least convenient! This is a busy time for educators as they settle into the school year. Share content they can enjoy at their leisure, such as white papers.

3. Encourage educators to interact with your outreach.

Educators are more likely to open emails from edtech companies when

  • The emails are helpful and address a specific need or issue. Focus on quality over quantity. Send fewer emails, but fill those messages with valuable information.
  • They have time to read them. Keep your emails concise. Each one should pack a quick, powerful punch.

4. Deliver information about edtech that educators find most valuable.

5. Inspire educators to act on your messaging.

When asked what prompts action on emails from edtech companies, respondents said:


  • I want to see evidence of success.
  • I want to learn skills or strategies that can help me do my job.
  • I want to learn more about a particular product that seems to meet my needs.


  • I want to see how other schools have solved challenges similar to my own.
  • I want to stay on top of new trends.


  • I want to take advantage of a special offer.
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